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Childrens Dentistry – Farmington Utah

When it comes to your children’s dental visits a friendly dentist is almost as important as a qualified dentist. At Oakridge Dental you can be confident Doctor Call will make your child’s dental visit as pleasant an experience as possible all while providing top dental care that has their smile looking great and their mouth feeling healthy.

Children Smiling - Pediatric Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry To Fit You

When it comes to dentistry for kids and teens, we really shine. Dr. Call and our team have seen so many children and teens that we know how to handle any personality and how to handle any dental situation. From cleanings to fillings, from dental emergencies and basic checkups we make every visit as thorough and as pleasant as possible.

Aspects of Dentistry for Children You Should Consider

One thing that we often hear is that until your “baby teeth” are gone dentistry really isn’t that important. We regret it every time we hear it because starting out children with a healthy and consistent dental regime from a young age can eliminate a multitude of dental issues down the road and ensure that as permanent teeth do come in they are as sound and ready as a tooth can be. In addition, without regular visits a child’s oral health can deteriorate undetected and cause serious health issues. Regular visits remedy that and dramatically reduce the likelihood of most of the bigger concerns you should have for your child.

When Should Your Baby Start Dental Visits

According to the AAPD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentists) a baby should start dental visits as soon as the first tooth appears or no later than their first birthday. This generally gives sufficient time for us to catch any oral health issues that your baby may have and review a smart and reasonable dental regime for you and your baby as they start into those toddler years.

Taking Care of Your Babies Oral Health

What About Proper Mouth Protection for my Children’s Sports?

We often get asked about how to properly protect your teeth and jaw from injury in various athletic endeavors from football to la crosse and skateboarding to BMX. Although there is no strict standard, any time that there is a reasonable likelihood of a blow to the mouth or jaw it is wise to make sure you have a mouth guard in place and very possible that you should consider proper head and jaw protection in the form of a helmet and/or additional jaw protective devices. We can happily fit your child for a high quality custom mouth guard that provides the utmost protection as well as advise you on other precautions or devices you may want to consider based on your child or teens particular interest and activities.

Collaborating with Local Pediatric Dentists

For special children’s or teens cases that require sedation or other specialized care we work with the top pediatric dentists in the area. Because we have spent years developing relationships with fellow professionals we can provide a team approach that suits you and your children and teens appropriately.

Childrens and Teens Dentistry Accessible from Most of South Davis County’s Cities

Because are location right off of Highway 89 in Farmington we are often 10 minutes from most of the cities in the south part of the county. Bountiful and Centerville from the south are a very quick drive just a couple of minutes from the I-15 exit to Highway 89.  Kaysville, Layton and Fruit Heights either via Highway 89 from the north or the Highway 89 exit coming from southbound I-15 in the north are also a very quick drive. So give us a call and let’s get your children started on a great oral health program that will get their smile prepped for those soon to arrive adult years.