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Dental Checkups in Davis County

A good dental checkup is a way to keep your mouth healthy, your smile beautiful and help avoid expensive future dental procedures. A dental checkup can include a dental hygienist cleaning your teeth, a flouride treatment, dentist examination, x-rays and other dental services that you need to ensure good dental health.

Dental Checkups Lengthen the Life of Your Smile

When you come in for a checkup with the dentist you will be getting a thorough examination of your teeth and mouth necessary to discover any abnormalities or cavities that might need treatment. In addition, you receive the preventative dental treatments that help protect your teeth and mouth from future wear and tear and give your teeth the longest, healthiest life possible.

What We Accomplish in a Dental Checkup

Teeth Cleaning – One of the most important things you’ll do in your checkup is get a good cleaning from one of our highly qualified dental hygienists. While brushing and flossing are a crucial part of any sound oral health regimen, nothing can beat regular teeth cleanings to clear out the hard calculus, or tartar, from those hard to reach spots and reduce future dental health concerns.

Polishing – You will get to have your teeth polished to remove any residual plaque or teeth stains that are readily addressable by polishing methods.

Prevention – As needed, you will have the opportunity to review personal preventive dental measure you can employ to enhance your oral health. You may learn something new about your teeth brushing approach or other oral care. Whatever will be helpful to you given your unique circumstances will be reviewed.

Clinical Examination – Using modern technology and the know-how of Dr. Call you will have your teeth fully examined for health of the teeth themselves, the gums, the inner mouth and walk away with a sound understanding of your overall dental health.

X-Rays – Sometimes nothing beats a good x-ray for revealing a hard to find issue with a particular tooth. With some of the most advanced dental technology in Davis County you will be able to quickly review any issues you have with Dr Call using on-screen technology showing you exactly what is going on with your teeth. The immediacy of modern technology and the ability to see external and internal tooth structure help us plan quickly for just what measures we need to take to sustain your oral health for years to come.

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We have been happily serving patients from throughout Davis County including Farmington, Centerville, Kaysville, Bountiful, Layton and Fruit Heights. If you are in need of a great dentist who has made many happy patients please call and we can set an appointment to get your checkup complete and your teeth looking great. Because we are just a short distance from Highway 89 off of Shepard Lane we are easily accessible and a quick drive from any of the cities mentioned above.