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Dentures in Farmington Utah

Dentures are a service that Oakridge Dental has been providing since we first started our practice. We have been helping patients improve their appearance and oral comfort by providing them with great dentures that look natural and provide as near an experience to original teeth as is technically possible.

Confident, Comfortable Dentures from Oakridge Dental

You may be considering dentures, but before you do we encourage you to have a full consultation with Dr. Call to determine if dentures are the right and best solution for your particular circumstances.

We provide both “complete” and “partial” dentures depending upon your situation. A complete denture is one where all teeth are removed and the denture fully replaces the teeth. A partial denture is one where some original teeth remain and the denture integrates with those teeth to provide aesthetics, support and stability.

Call us to arrange an appointment and Dr. Call will walk through all of the options with you so that you can make an informed decision as to whether dentures or another dental option is best for your particular needs. An informed decision is a wiser decision.

Providing Dentures Throughout South Davis County

We have had dental patients throughout all of Davis county. Because we are conveniently located just off Highway 89 and Shepard Lane it is a quick drive from Kaysville and Layton or Bountiful and North Salt Lake. Usually less than 10 minutes to our offices. Our patients in Farmington, Fruit Heights and Centerville get to our offices even quicker. Feel free to call us for simple directions or visit out contact page to get directions from a map.

Fun Facts About Dentures

  • Did you know that dentures have been made from materials from wood to ivory, gold to silver, porcelain to vulcanite, acrylic to steel
  • Dentures in one form or another have been around for millenia – they have been found in cultures around the globe for centuries
  • During the renaissance a set of dentures was created that utlized metal springs to hold them in place, George Washington had a set of dentures with such springs – doesn’t sound comfortable
  • Apparently dentures can be collectors items. Winston Churchill’s set of partial dentures sold for an amazing $23,723 at auction in 2010. That is an incredible amount for a set of false teeth!

Looking to learn more about your dental options and considering dentures as a possibility? Or just wanting to adjust, enhance or get a new set of dentures. We’d be happy to give you a clear, expert consultation on what your options are. So schedule an appointment and let’s get started reviewing the possibilities!