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Emergency Dental in Farmington Utah

Dental Care in case of Emergency

Sometimes you simply cannot wait a week, or in some cases even a day, to get in and see your dentist. When the pain is excruciating or the nature of your dental emergency dire in any way we make you a top priority and get you in FAST. We understand there are some situations that cannot wait and are ready to take care of you ASAP. Call us and we’ll get you in.

We Help With Dental Emergencies

From Bountiful to Kaysville, Centerville and Farmington to Layton We are Accessible from All South Davis County

Because of our location just off Highway 89 and Shepard Lane in Farmington we can be reached quickly from just about anywhere in the south Davis County Area. Directions with a map to our offices can be found here and if you call we’re happy to share the quickest route to the office with you from wherever you are.

Toothaches – depending upon the seriousness of the ache you may need to come and see us immediately. While you are waiting for your appointment we recommend taking these steps: rinse with warm water throughout your mouth; if you happen to have swelling with the pain use a cold pack held to the outside of your mouth or cheek where the swelling and ache are located.

Chipped Teeth or Broken Teeth – If you have a large chip or break it may require immediate attention. Call us to determine the best action. Be sure to save any pieces that you can.  Rinse the mouth with warm water; carefully rinse the pieces touching as little as possible. If the area is bleeding use gauze applied for about 10 minutes or until the bleeding stops. Use a cold pack on the area to limit swelling and ease pain.

Knocked Out Tooth – If you have lost a tooth from a trauma or other incident call us immediately. Save the tooth holding it by the crown (part that you can see when it is in your mouth) and gently rinse off if dirty. Do not remove any tissue attached or loose fragments. If possible re-insert the tooth into the socket where it came from. Be sure not to force the tooth at all. If it cannot be re-inserted put the tooth in a cup of milk or water with a pinch of salt if milk is not available. Teeth have the highest chance of being saved if you see a dentist within 1 hour of the tooth being knocked out.

Other Dental Emergencies – There are myriad other dental emergencies and in all cases call us immediately. We can help you assess the situation over the phone and determine the appropriate action and whether an emergency room visit is necessary.

If the emergency is life threatening or includes serious risk to your health please call a health care provider or visit the emergency room to get immediate care for your situation.