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Invisalign for Residents of Farmington, Centerville, Kaysville, Bountiful and all of Davis County


If you haven’t considered Invisalign as a solution to creating your most beautiful smile you should. Invisalign not only treats a much wider array of tooth alignment issues than many people realize but it also provides many benefits over traditional braces or other transparent alignment methods.

Is Invisalign the right solution for everyone? Absolutely not, however we recommend having a consultation with Dr. Call about whether it could be right for you before you pursue something as dramatic and potentially lifestyle altering as braces. Plus the affordability of Invisalign when combined with its many other benefits can make it a far better method for aligning your smile to its most beautiful without the hassle you might be preparing to take on with other approaches.

Invisalign vs Braces

When people first learn of Invisalign they are thrilled by three primary benefits when compared with traditional braces.

The first benefit is the visible difference when compared with braces. It is hardly noticeable from the casual observer that there is anything going on with your teeth. Not having to deal with that awkward, “Oh I have to wear these metal wires and brackets all over my smile” for several months can be a big win. Nobody likes to take away one of the most attractive aspects of the human face – the smile – while dealing with aligning their teeth.

Invisalign Clear


The second benefit is the convenience with regards to food. Little to no limitations on what foods you can be enjoying during treatment when compared with before and after the treatment. Quickly remove and eat then brush your teeth and you are good to go. Far fewer places for sticky, invasive, sugary or other types of foods to get caught up in.

And the third benefit is the comfort when inside the mouth. While braces have wires, brackets and other features that can lead to scrapes, abrasions and other mouth irritation, Invisalign is smooth and comfortable to the inner mouth, tongue and cheeks.

Simplicy of Treatment

If you are considering a teeth alignment treatment, we’d recommend that you come in to consult with Dr. Call for free and have the chance to ask all your questions and compare with any other method you are considering. Because Invisalign is a great choice in a wide range of situations its worth avoiding the hassles of other treatment methods where possible. It’s so easy in fact that we have treated patients from Kaysville, Farmington, Centerville, Bountiful and even from Salt Lake and Ogden.

And here’s some great facts that help explain why Invisalign is so far advanced beyond other alignment methods:

  • Over 20 years of research has gone into continually improving the Invisalign method
  • 4 million patients have been treated with Invisalign
  • SmartTrack proprietary tracking system dramatically improves alignment performance

Give us a call or set up an appointment via email and we’ll be happy to give you a free consultation to help you decide what would be the right tooth alignment method for you.