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Preventative Dentistry with Oakridge Dental in Farmington Utah

Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry, also called preventative dentistry, is the branch of dentistry employed to protect your teeth from future harm and help maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.  Preventive dentistry particularly looks at stopping oral disease in its various forms and ensuring that the mouth is best situated to avoid decay.

Preventive Dentistry is Worth a Pound of Cure

What is Included in Preventive Dentistry?

A significant portion of preventive dentistry is performed by you as the patient in your home and in your daily life. Proper care of your teeth starts with you and the regular habits you form in managing your oral care. We all know that brushing two to three times a day is necessary for any healthy mouth. Flossing daily is also a critical part of your dental care as increased tooth decay is almost always associated with decreased flossing or no flossing at all. The time at which you brush and floss can also be critical as it can stop decay from forming. Brushing immediately after eating, especially with sugary foods, can dramatically decrease the formation of decay.

Preventive Dentistry at Our Office

Visits with us will also form a core part of your dental care. We recommend a regular dental checkup every six months or so to keep the teeth in their best health and to catch an small issues before they become more serious problems. We consider all of the following parts of a good regular dental program:

Selecting Toothbrush – the comfort and effectiveness of a good toothbrush can vary from patient to patient because of age, oral sensitivity, dental history and other factors. We are happy to help you select the right toothbrush as well as review the best methods for cleaning your teeth. We’re also happy to help you review your flossing method as a quick review on flossing can be a helpful reminder.

Cleanings – our dental hygienists will help reduce the build up of plaque and ensure that your teeth are in tip top shape. A regular cleaning makes your teeth brushing that much more effective as part of your regular regime.

Sealants – we consult with you to determine if a sealant treatment is something that will work for you in protecting your teeth. A good sealant treatment can be a core part of oral maintenance.

Examination – catching issues before they become more significant is critical. With regular visits the number of more involved dental procedures along with their cost is dramatically reduced.

At Oakridge Dental we believe that effective preventative dentistry can be used to keep your smile beautiful, your mouth healthy and avoid spending on expensive procedures that follow poor oral care.