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Teeth Whitening for Utah Residents

A Teeth Whitening that will have you beaming!

A beautiful, crisp and white smile is one of the most appearance enhancing features available to the average person. White, bright teeth are consistently shown to improve social relationships, enhance charisma and generally add to an individual’s overall confidence. Our teeth whitening methods use only the latest in technology and are safe, straightforward and highly successful. Our patients consistently come back to us with praise for the benefits they’ve gotten by using us to gain that beautiful smile.

Teeth Whitening from Oakridge Dental

Serving Farmington, Bountiful, Kaysville and the Surrounding Area

Because we are centrally located in Davis county we have patients come to us for teeth whitening from most of the cities in south Davis County. The quick access from Shepard Lane puts us at less than 10 minutes from Bountiful, Kaysville and Layton and even quicker for patients in Farmington, Fruit Heights or Centerville.

How Teeth Whitening Works

Your teeth are made of an inner dentin layer and an outer layer made up of enamel. As you put stuff into your mouth – like food, drink, cigarette smoke, coffee etc. – a new layer forms on top of your enamel called a pellicle film. This layer can be removed by dentists with scraping or chemical treatments and even a good brushing can remove much of the pellicel layer if done properly and regularly. However, as time progresses and the pellicle film rests on your enamel some of that material is actually transferred to the enamel changing its color. Because enamel is slightly porous, it absorbs those materials and makes it part of the enamel itself and the color becomes much more permanent.

It is when the enamel itself has changed color that true teeth whitening has a big impact. What we will do for you is treat your tooth with bleaching agents that go below the pellicle layer and whiten the underlying enamel creating a much longer lasting and more thorough white. And not only do we just whiten your teeth, we consider your complexion, your hair color and your overall look to provide a tooth color that is natural, attractive and fits well with who you are.

Teeth Whitening Benefits

If you have discolored teeth or a less bright smile than you would like, we can help you quickly and easily achieve that warm and inviting smile that helps you build relationships at a glance and makes you more enjoyable to be around. Nothing beats a great smile for first impressions!

For our teeth whitening we use only the safest, most healthy methods and customize the color of the teeth to meet your overall facial makeup. When you walk out of our doors with your new teeth you will have a new bounce in your step and a new sense of self assurance and know that you have done so under the care of Dr Call, who has years of experience whitening teeth and knows how to create a smile that fits you perfectly.