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Sleep dentistry refers to the sedation techniques used during certain dental procedures. Unlike anesthesia, which numbs the area being treated, sedation dentistry improves a patient's level of relaxation if they experience significant anxiety or worry while at the dentist. Board-certified dentist Dr. Brian Call works hard to ensure every patient who visits his office has a carefree, enjoyable experience, which is one of the many reasons why he's pleased to offer individuals access to safe and effective sedation techniques.

At Oakridge Dental, Dr. Call can administer IV sedation before a dental surgery to keep you calm and relaxed throughout the process. He may also write you a prescription for oral-conscious sedation to be taken a couple of hours before your appointment. Owing to reliable and efficient sleep dentistry, patients no longer have to avoid receiving the dental care they need. Get in touch with our team in Farmington, UT to find out how sedation dentistry can enhance your oral care experience.


Ideal candidates for IV or oral-conscious sedation are patients who require extensive care, have severe dental fears, or feel stressed about receiving an advanced treatment, such as a periodontal procedure or dental implant. Sleep dentistry techniques make it possible for individuals to receive the care they need without having to worry about discomfort, fear, or anxiety. Before receiving these solutions, Dr. Call will speak with you about the sedation options we offer and help you determine which method is more appropriate for your needs.


IV sedation is distributed through a small needle placed inside of a vein in your arm. Dr. Call will give you a dose sufficient enough to create a calm, relaxed feeling. You will feel the effects of the medicine almost immediately. During your appointment, our knowledgeable team will closely assess your vitals and response to the drug and make dosage adjustments as needed.

While IV sedation is administered directly right before your procedure, oral-conscious sedation is taken orally roughly an hour before your scheduled treatment. Dr. Call will determine what sedation level you need based on the medicine that is chosen and your unique needs. Oral-conscious sedation will create a relaxed feeling. Although you will be awake, you may experience some minor memory loss of the procedure.


After receiving both oral-conscious and IV sedation, you will need to have a reliable adult drive you home after your appointment. Patients tend to feel drowsy for the remainder of their day so we advise you to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and rest whenever possible. In some circumstances, individuals may experience bouts of nausea or memory loss, but these effects tend to fade after a day. If you notice any abnormal concerns or symptoms that last an extended amount of time, please reach out to Oakridge Dental for guidance.

a comfortable dental experience

At Oakridge Dental, our team of dedicated professionals uses every mean at our disposal to provide patients of all ages with a fun and enjoyable experience at our Farmington, UT office. If dental fears or anxieties have prevented you from receiving much-needed oral care, reach out to board-certified dentist Dr. Brian Call. He or a member of his team are always more than happy to share the wonderful benefits of sleep dentistry with our patients. With oral-conscious and IV sedation techniques, it's possible for anyone to have a relaxing appointment.

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