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Sealants are thin, pliable, plastic materials that can be applied to the tops of the molars and premolars. Dental sealants work to block out bacteria, food particles, plaque, and tartar, which can prevent the buildup that eventually leads to tooth decay. This simple but effective treatment is especially helpful for children and teens who have yet to develop cavities in their back teeth. With proper care, sealants can last for a long time and save you or your children from having to undergo more costly or invasive treatments in the long run. To find out if dental sealants are a good choice for you or your family, get in touch with our office, Oakridge Dental, in Farmington, UT. Family dentist Dr. Brian Call and his team will utilize their years of oral care experience to provide you with all of the answers you need.


Great candidates for dental sealants are patients prone to developing cavities, especially in the top crevices of the teeth. Generally, sealants are recommended for children and teens who have yet to develop ideal brushing habits and require additional preventive measures to keep tooth decay at bay. Since the application process of dental sealants is quick and easy, no sedation is required, which makes the treatment great for individuals of any age.


During your appointment, Dr. Call will examine your teeth to accurately determine if dental sealants could be a good option for your oral health. Before the application, we will clean and polish your enamel to remove any built-up bacteria, tartar, and plaque. From there, Dr. Call or one of our highly skilled hygienists will brush on the sealant material and let it cure, or set, using a light. Once your sealants are set, we will check to make sure it has settled in the correct position and that your bite is comfortable.


Following your treatment, you should be able to resume your normal activities. It is important that you follow a good oral hygiene routine that includes brushing your teeth two times each day, flossing, and using mouthwash. You should try to avoid putting pressure on your back teeth or eating sticky foods. When properly cared for, dental sealants may last for years. During your yearly comprehensive examination at Oakridge Dental, Dr. Call will determine if your sealants should be applied again.


You or your child could benefit from dental sealants to maintain general dental health. Sealants are a great way to prevent tooth decay and the procedures needed to address them, such as fillings. A relatively easy and quick procedure, sealants can help you and your family have easier, more enjoyable dental visits in the future, as well as improved oral health. If you would like to learn more about sealants, contact our Farmington, UT office to book an appointment with Dr. Call.

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